Hello again all :)

As you have now hopefully found out from our postcard, we had a change of venue.  We were notified a few weeks ago that our previous venue was going to be put up for sale.  We felt we couldn't risk the possibility of this affecting our plans and made the tough decision to opt out of our contract with them.  Things quickly turned around however :)  As luck would have it, our (close) second choice was still available for our date! YAY!! 

We hope this hasn't caused anyone trouble with arrangements previously made.  Given the advance notice, we are confident that any reservations made can be cancelled, but please let us know if you are having any issues.  Perhaps a pleading phone call from the bride or groom would help ;)

So on to the exciting part...our new venue!!  We are so excited we will be married at the lovely Scribner Bend Vineyards!  Although our wedding will be different than we originally imagined, we are confident that it is going to be better than ever.  We are busy making arrangements to make your travel as easy as possible and hope this allows many of you to join us in the celebration of our love.  Please check the "Guest Information" section for updated information on lodging and transportation and check out the "Wedding Location" section for exciting information about all the great things this new area has to offer. 


Jillian and Jeff

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